Rescue Climbing Course in Sweden

Please watch the video above and you will see a method for untying the rope brake. This is a basic technique you will learn in this course. It allows you to safely release your hands from the safety rope.




Welcome to our course in rescue techniques for climbing. This course gives you skills that are incredibly good to have if you want to climb multi pitch, ice climbing or alpine climbing. The courses are also prerequisites for those who want to prepare themselves to become an assistant instructor / rock climbing instructor.

But even for those of you who have taken a red card and started leading a little outdoors, we recommend learning these techniques as they make you safer and give you a toolbox to solve various situations that arise in connection with climbing.


This is a course in peer rescue according to the Klätterförbundet's standards. We go through and practice most of the techniques needed to be able to carry out various rescue maneuvers without other equipment than what you normally carry with you while climbing.


Length of the course

2 days, Rescue stage 1 and 2



Course content

Among other things, we go through the following:

• Prusik knots

• Disengagement of the brake

• Getting out of the system

• The auxiliary lift

• The 3:1 and 6:1 lifts

• Counterweight flight

• Firing with injured


Below exercises are more complex rescue exercises and are done if they have time during the weekend. They constitute in themselves a separate 2-day course depending on the students' prior knowledge.

• Relocation of the stand

• Traverse movement of the injured

• Exercises with imagined accident scenarios


Course objectives

After the course, you should master all the basic techniques that, properly assembled, can be used to carry out an evacuation of an injured climber from a longer climbing trip.


Who should participate?

Anyone who plans to climb multi-pitch tours in slightly larger mountains. You who eventually intend to become a climbing instructor. Anyone else who wants to learn the basics of buddy rescue in order to solve an accident situation.


Previous knowledge

Basic course and at least one season of climbing experience after the course.



The course is given at several different cliffs around Sweden. See the list of upcoming course dates to find a cliff near you.



You bring your personal equipment – harness, helmet, rope brake, screw carabiners, rope, prusik loops, 60 cm and 120 cm loops and regular carabiners.

Please use the form if you have any questions or want us to contact you.